England Medieval Cathedral & Parish Church Tour

Exploring Medieval Architecture in the English Countryside


Dr. Charlie March,                                  Tour Director and Guide


England Medieval Cathedral & Parish Church Tour

Exploring Medieval Architecture in the English Countryside



England’s cathedrals and parish churches are America’s great religious ancestors. Many have stood in their medieval glory for nearly 1,000 years waiting to be rediscovered. Masterpieces of brilliant craftsmanship, they await us, planted in isolated in idyllic landscapes, hidden villages, and urban bustle. They have been called the museum of England, ancestral sacred spaces of American Christianity, and our most tactile means of placing ourselves in the very midst of the medieval worshipper. 

Until now these architectural icons have been neglected by the American tourist. Most American Christians know little of their existence or of their great importance as architectural homes to the body of believers in the medieval church. Many of America’s early settlers and founding fathers, and the many generations preceding them, worshipped in these churches before sailing the Atlantic. 

The England Cathedral & Parish Church Tour presented by March Winds Tours is dedicated to rediscovering our ancient past. Return and rediscover are the two words that refine this journey to its base concepts. The tour is a return to and refining of our understanding of our western European religious and societal roots. 

We will pass through churches’ ancient doors, walk down their column-lined isles noting their building styles and carving techniques. We will wonder at the generations of faithful who once tread the very steps as we, from the time of the Norman Invasion, William Wallace, King Richard the Lionheart, and when the Black Death reduced their congregations. We will find them in the most wonderful of settings, from bucolic country vistas; quiet, hidden villages, to bustling towns. We will come to understand that experiencing the natural environment is as important in our study as the architecture itself.  



Primarily this is a relaxing, interactive learning tour. Short informal lessons are given by Resource Person, Charlie March and cathedral tour guides. Attention will be given to the advancements in design and decoration of church architecture, the people who worshipped there, and the medieval history that swirled around them.  The goal is that, by tour’s end, each person can “read” a church by naming and dating their architectural features and understand their influence in medieval society.

This will not be the typical frantic, high paced bus tour. Every minute will not be controlled and no exams will be given. Within the structure of our itinerary, there will be time for individual investigations, short naps, long walks, exploration of dining options, and taking in the local culture. It is my belief that deep learning happens when facts are received by one existing in compelling, invigorating environments. The specific places we will travel and lodge are designed to create this type of atmosphere.