England Medieval Cathedral & Parish Church Tour

Exploring Medieval Architecture in the English Countryside


Dr. Charlie March,                                  Tour Director and Guide





DAY 1:  Arrive at London Heathrow Airport. Meet me at international arrivals. Our bus will be parked just outside. Exact meeting time will be announced 30 days before tour begins. Travel to Salisbury; short rest then tour Salisbury Cathedral and surrounds. Group dinner; receive materials and review the tour. 


DAY 2:   Drive to the beautiful, historic town of Bradford-on-Avon. Visit the Saxon church of St. Laurence and medieval wooden tithe barn. Our lodging host will give us a walking tour of this classic English village. 


DAY 3:  Our second day in Bradford we will drive 8 miles to the town of Bath and tour the Roman Baths and its nearby Abbey. Afterward there is so much to see here, we'll take a relaxing day in Bath to do whatever you wish.  


Day 4:  We will continue our way West to the cathedral town of Wells; tour the cathedral and the Bishop's Palace. The cathedral's architecture is staggering; you will enjoy walking and taking many pictures here. Better have room on your photo card.


DAY 5:  We will leave Wells and drive directly to Tewkesbury where we will stay for the balance of the tour. After checking in to our our lodgings, we will tour the Abbey, and become oriented to Tewkesbury.


DAY 7:  Today we will head south-east and visit the parish churches of Duntisbourne Abbots and Duntisbourne Rouse, St. Michael's. Afterward we will drive into Cirencester: tour the Roman museum, and St. John the Baptist parish church.


DAY 6:  We have the option of attending a morning worship service at Gloucester Cathedral and explore the town of Gloucester. On the way back to Tewkesbury we will visit the Saxon churches at Deerhust, St. Mary's and Odda's Chapel.  


DAY 8:  Travel to Hereford Cathedral, then drive to the Noman parish church at Kilpeck St. Mary and St. David, then up to Eardisley, St. Mary to see its masterpiece of stone carving, the Baskerville baptismal font.


DAY 9:  Visit Kempley St. Mary's and view its medieval painted walls, then on to Much Marcle, St. Bartholomew's. Finally we will cross the street from St. Bartholomew's and visit Hellens Manor house; a thousand year architectural record of Engish history.


DAY 10:  We will drive north to visit the largest Norman church in county Worchestershire: Rock, St. Peter and St. Paul.  We will head back home and visit Leominster, St. Peter and St. Paul  and the magnificent baptismal font at Castle Frome, St. Michael. We will have our final group dinner and meet over tea for a tour wrap up.


DAY 11:  Drive to London Heathrow for departure home.



Notes on Itinerary

DINING:  Aside from the 'group dinners' included in the tour price, optional dinners are where ever you wish to eat. They are not necessarily group dinners. I will offer dining possibilities based on experience and reviews. Our bus driver is local and will have some suggestions. AIR TRANSPORTATION:  After much investigation, it is better for all to arrange our flights to London/Heathrow International Airport and meet our bus at the international arrivals doors. Exact meeting time will be announced 30 days before tour begins.

ROAD TRANSPORTATION: By private bus.  

LODGING:  Fee is based on a per person rate. Rooms are based on availability and are a mix of a double (single double bed, for two); twin (2 twin beds); and single room accommodation. I strive to make everyone happy with their arrangements, but we are not staying in giant impersonal tourist facilities. A bit of flexibility may be necessary. In the end, all will be comfortable.

BAGGAGE:  You pack it, you haul it. That’s all I’m saying. But I’m happy to help whoever needs it. 

MEALS:  All Breakfasts (9) are included and have exceptional ratings. Three dinners, five lunches are also included, however the remaining dinners and all lunches are not included in the tour price. However I reserve the right to treat everyone if an extraordinary dining opportunity comes our way. Inexpensive meals can be purchased at local grocery stores, pubs, and sandwich shops and oftentimes we will carry sack lunches with us while out in the countryside. My desire is that you explore England’s dining experience. It’s difficult to find a table for 20 at a quaint pub or tea house.

CATHEDRAL TOURS:  All entrance and tour guide fees are covered. The Tower Tours at Gloucester and Hereford Cathedrals are matters of climbing several hundred steps up narrow, circular, medieval staircases. I highly recommend this part of our tour, however group numbers are limited and we must sign up immediately upon arrival.