About March Winds Tours


Dr. Charlie March, owner                                                             charlie@marchwindstours.com

I carry the diverse perspective of a 20 year carpentry career and eight years of intensive research in Classical and medieval architecture.  During my doctoral research at the University of London, I became fascinated with English Norman and Gothic church architecture and the historical/religious activity that surrounded them. My interest in English cathedrals and parish churches soon became a passion. While living in England, my wife, Cathy, and I, traveled across the country visiting many of these architectural wonders. We wish to share our interest for these magnificent places with those who know little of their existence.

Fundamentally, I am a very informed builder directing a tour on buildings. Likewise my approach to teaching is not that of a stuffy academic; rather I teach in simple, practical ways. Above all, I wish my wonderment of the cathedrals and churches to become infectious, and build up within the group an appreciation of the people who created and used these ancient places. I consider a tour a success when those who come along are motivated to take this experience far beyond the tour’s scope, and apply their new-found knowledge to enhance their lives in unexpected ways.



  •  University of London, Royal Holloway (2003-2007)  Ph.D. Classics/Archaeology (Awarded 31 July 2007)
  •  Fuller Theological Seminary (2000-2003)  M.A. Theology/Biblical Studies
  •  University of Oregon (1974-1978)  B.S. Business Management
  •  Lachish Archaeological Dig (Summer 1977)  Bet Guvrin, Israel-Northwest Christian College


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